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Our Permitting Expertise Adds Value At Every Step of Your Residential Dock Project

span>Marine Floats’ in-house regulatory and permitting expertise adds value to your marine projects from concept to completion. The regulatory environment for docks, marinas and other waterfront systems has become increasingly complex due to enhanced oversight and management of shoreline pollution and endangered species. 

For over 25 years, Marine Floats has effectively guided its clients’ projects through the complexities of the permitting process. 

Design – Regulatory standards are constantly evolving. We use our depth of expertise into regulatory requirements starting with our initial design conversations. We advise clients of the design strategies and features that will create the greatest likelihood of regulatory approval. 

Completing Applications – Each regulatory agency, even individual regulators, place an emphasis on different aspects of compliance. Our long-term working relationships with city, county, state and federal regulators help us anticipate their questions and provide the information they need from the start. 

Manufacturing and Construction – Although not technically an aspect of the permitting process, our manufacturing and construction processes demonstrate the environmental stewardship that is intended by regulatory oversight. Our floats and dock materials are designed to eliminate the release of toxic chemicals, and to address issues of sunlight and unobstructed tidal flow that are important factors in healthy marine habitat.