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A Facility Perfect for Custom Marine Projects

arine Floats is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and construction of custom commercial and residential marine structures. Marine Floats’ full service  approach, which includes consulting, design, permitting, compliance and turnkey installation, is made possible by the skill of our personnel and the capabilities of our facility. 

Marine Floats’ facility on the Wheeler Osgood Waterway in Tacoma combines two acres of land-based assembly yard with a 3.2 acre inlet where the company assembles turnkey marinas and other projects in the water. The location allows most projects to be delivered by water, saving substantial transportation and onsite construction time. Marine Floats’ 8,000 sq ft fabrication shop is responsive to the unique needs of each client project. Our main office building for full-time design, estimating, permitting and accounting staff, is also located onsite.